A New Collaboration With The Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA)

On 10 February 2021 Commonwealth Music International and the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra (CYO) are delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA) and are using music to support its vital conservation work in the Zambesia Region with especially composed and performed soundtracks.

To launch this new collaboration Commonwealth Music International and the CYO has commissioned its Composer-in-Residence, Simon Haw MBE, to compose music as a main theme to support the ZCA and this score has been produced and combined with the stunning videography of Shaun McMinn. The world premiere release of Zambesia is shown opposite.

"Zambesia” is a pre-colonial term for an area referred to by 19th century explorers in their memoirs. It is a region located in the central-southern part of Africa, stretching coast-to-coast across seven countries from Namibia in the west to Mozambique in the east. It broadly covers the drainage basin of the Zambezi river. This life giving water reservoir gives rise to a biogeographically distinct zone called the Zambezian Region that houses more than a dozen of the world's most significant eco-regions.

The Zambesia region includes: Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

The Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA) was formed in 2020 to bring together effective frontline conservation efforts to combat the loss of natural habitat and its wildlife in the Zambesia region."

In Commonwealth Week, on 10 March 2021, Zambesia Conservation Alliance announced the first of its conservation campaigns with the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir. A new sound track has been composed by Commonwealth Composer-in-Residence, Simon Haw MBE, for this new campaign “Ranger Alert”.


Music composed by Simon Haw MBE
Video by Shaun McMinn

Executive Producer: Sally Shebe
Assistant producer: Jake Ellwood

© Commonwealth Music International
Zambesia Conservation Alliance