Commonwealth Youth Workers Awardees 2014


Ghana – Prosper Yaw Hoetu
Prosper is part of the Youth Network for Human Rights and Democracy. He has been working to promote peace in communities in Ghana which have seen conflict. Engaging youth participation, mentoring and leadership training, Prosper has contributed to peacebuilding in these neighbourhoods. 

Kenya – Eric Omwanda Nehemiah
Eric works for the Mathare Foundation, based in the Mathare slums of Kenya. He has provided young people with a mechanism to channel their talents through photography and divert them from crime, alcoholism and prostitution.  

Uganda – Victor Ochen
Victor is a founder of the African Youth Initiative Network, a Ugandan NGO that works to empower young persons to promote democratic leadership and civic engagement in communities which have faced conflict. He was a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee in 2015.




Pakistan – Muhammad Shahzad
Muhammad is founder of Pakistan’s Chanan Development Association, which supports the empowerment of young people and the active rejection of extremism, hate speech and violence against women. 


Pakistan – Gulalai Ismail
Gulalai is founder of the NGO Aware Girls, which encourages young women and men to participate civic processes and peacebuilding, and addresses violence against women through leadership development programmes. 


Sri Lanka – Anomaa Rajakaruna
Anomaa is founder of Agenda 14, which supports freedom of speech in post-conflict Sri Lanka. She helps young people to engage with peacebuilding and youth empowerment through film documentary, which allows for dialogue on conflict resolution. 



The Bahamas - John Ronald Darville
John has carried forward a number of key initiatives as a youth development specialist within the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture in the Bahamas, working closely with at-risk migrant youth populations.


Jamaica – Miguel ‘Steppa’ Williams’
Steppa is the founder of the Forward Step Foundation. He uses music and other creative forms of engagement in prisons and among gangs to promote youth empowerment

Jamaica – Edward Dixon
Edward has been leading violence prevention, youth development and social engagement work with Youth Crime Watch of Jamaica



Malta – Christian Mizzi
Christian is a youth worker with Agenzija Zghazagh, who has worked to build community cohesion among at-risk young people.

Malta – Stephanie Fenech
Stephanie is a youth worker with Malta’s Yours Empowerment Group, focussing on improving youth participation and engagement of vulnerable youth.


The Pacific

Fiji - Ioane Tupou Nawaikula
Ioane is a youth development activist with the National Youth Council of Fiji who has worked to promote young people’s peaceful civic participation during elections. 


Nauru - Alpha Gwein Jose
Alpha is National Youth Co-ordinator for the Directorate of Youth Affairs in the Pacific island nation of Nauru. He has worked to give vulnerable young people a sense of purpose and contributed to the social cohesion of the island.


Australia – Ian Gowing
Ian has worked with young people from indigenous communities and other at-risk communities in Australia, with the Balga Detached Youth Work Project Incorporated.